Federal Penitentiary Service reported that 271 employees and 40 prisoners were infected with coronavirus
29 April 2020, 00:41
Photo: Медиахолдинг 1Mi
According to the press service of the Federal Penitentiary Service (FSIN), among the suspects, accused, and convicts, 40 people have been infected with the dangerous coronavirus COVID-19. Among the employees of the department there are many times more infected - 271 people.

Even at the very beginning of the coronavirus pandemic in a number of countries - from the United States to Iran, tens of thousands of prisoners, primarily those convicted under non-hazardous sentences, were released or transferred to house arrest in order to avoid an epidemic in prisons. There they could assume the most dangerous character due to crowding and problems with sanitation and hygiene. In Russia, the Presidential Human Rights Council (HRO), in connection with the coronavirus pandemic COVID-19, also supported the so-called “emergency amnesty” project , which provides for the release of all convicts who have the right to apply for parole with the exception of malicious regime violators. However, the State Duma reacted to this idea mostly negatively.

Kak said the head of the State Duma committee on state building and legislation, Pavel Krasheninnikov, the deputies this time did not prepare an amnesty project , "so as not to give the impression that the same crimes can be committed, and then they will be released anyway. This is wrong." In the FSIN, meanwhile, they promised to prevent the entry of coronavirus into their institutions. Human rights defenders and even, in most cases, lawyers were no longer allowed to go there in a number of regions, and visits and broadcasts were banned. However, it was not possible to avoid the penetration of the infection. On April 20, it became known about the first outbreak of coronavirus infection in one of the institutions of the FSIN of the Jewish Autonomous Region .

Now the department claims that there are no patients among the sick, "in whom the disease is severe, " the Interfax agency notes . Also, the Federal Penitentiary Service reported that 18 728 laboratory tests for coronavirus infection were carried out in the institutions of the department. Reception of new arrested and convicted in regions with a difficult epidemiological situation is carried out only in one pre-trial detention center, which allows minimizing contacts with new entrants, and the length of quarantine has been increased to 21 days.

The FSIN reminded that in pre-trial detention centers operating under special conditions, employees were transferred to a two-week work schedule without the possibility of going outside the institutions, and employees entering the next shift should be on their own isolation.