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“They feed us like in a pigsty”: Gazprom workers in Yakutia came out to hold a rally
29 April 2020, 00:35
“They feed us like in a pigsty”: Gazprom workers in Yakutia came out to hold a rally
Photo: yakutia.info
Workers at the Chayadinsky field of Gazprom dobycha Noyabrsk OJSC staged a rally because of poor conditions. In the village, cases of infection with coronavirus were detected.

The prosecutor's office of the Lensky district of Yakutia began a check, and promised to remove all workers in the near future, Yakutia-info reports .

A video appeared on social networks in which workers complain about the lack of quarantine measures and poor nutrition. Protesters say they are being fed "like in a pigsty."

- Where is the quarantine! Where are the masks? There is nothing! We drove everyone to the hostels, we all wear every infection! - the cries of the protest rally participants are heard on the video.

Earlier, the head of Yakutia, Aisen Nikolaev, reported during an internal briefing that about 10.5 thousand people at the Chayadinskoye field were checked for coronavirus. While the test results are unknown. According to the regional operational headquarters on the situation with coronavirus, "there are a lot of infected people."

Later, the head of the region said that Gazprom would begin to remove workers from the region in the coming days. According to authorities, 65 people with coronavirus were hospitalized in the republic, and another 39 were taken to Noyabrsk of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug.

Nikolaev recommended that subsoil users extend the terms of shift contracts with those workers who have already arrived at the field.

- We are now working on this issue with employers. We recommend that they import workers not for one month, as they do, but for three months. Either they extend the contract with those who are already working, or enter into contracts for three months with those who have just arrived. Well, of course, after an appropriate check, - said the head of the republic.

The prosecutor’s website says that an audit has begun, during which "compliance with the labor rights of citizens, the requirements of sanitary and epidemiological legislation, and the completeness of measures aimed at preventing a mass illness of field workers will be evaluated."

To date, 166 cases of coronavirus infection have been recorded in the republic. One patient died. 18 have recovered.