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Fyodor Bondarchuk: "Russian Hollywood is a complete rubbish"
29 April, 20:09
Fyodor Bondarchuk: "Russian Hollywood is a complete rubbish"
Photo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zcalCG_di50
Director and producer Fyodor Bondarchuk in an interview with the Autonews YouTube channel explained why he likes the changes taking place in the capital, and also commented on the topic of "Russian Hollywood".

How Moscow is changing

“It's very convenient in Moscow, I like it. I am a native Muscovite, I know how to drive, when to leave, what time to leave, where to drive...

I'm a professional of this city! I know this city by heart. I know every curb here, for Petersburgers - a curb.

I know everything here, that's why I'm here... It's good for me.

I like it ("paid parking lots, pedestrian zones, everything that Sergei Sobyanin does" - noted by Novye Izvestia) .

In our metropolis, I think, there is no other way. As I understand it, this is a mirror story of this cult book, in my opinion, English, about the new urbanization, about the city center, where it is impossible to come by car or there must be all residents. If everyone is allowed and there is an opportunity to park, then the city will stop.

…Why wash, water and clean all this? What for? Do not. First, it makes noise, raises dust. And in general - do not. "Let everything be as with the priest". Where is it from? About Pavel...

Don't touch anything! Most importantly, no changes, in any case.

“But it will be better for you, you will not be doused from head to toe by passing cars with Moscow winter slurry.

- No, no, it's better to let them pour it, I'm used to it already.

Habit is the soul of powers. Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin, Boris Godunov.

“- Please don’t, you’re uncomfortable...

- Nothing, I'm used to being uncomfortable.

- Try to get used to what will be convenient for you!

- No, I’m used to being uncomfortable, I’m used to not being able to get anywhere, I’m standing for half a day. I'm used to it and I don't want to change anything".

This is absolutely normal, there are such townspeople".

About "Russian Hollywood"

…If we compare with European cinema, then we are in perfect order. Look at our festivals, at our paintings at festivals.

...No need to compare with Hollywood, please, don't do it. Russian Hollywood, I don't like all this, this is complete rubbish!

Hollywood is a comfortable hub, where planes, trains, steamers from all over the world arrive, where the sun shines and where they speak the same language that everyone understands. You learn English and please be Indian, Albanian, Russian - and you will work there.

Speaking about the problems of Russian films, this is, among other things, the language, the lack of recognizable understandable stars.

I think that not so - yes at all! - not so bad, especially recently, especially with the advent of serials, with the emergence of a different level of utterance in serials. Other directors from the movie came.

What to compare with? No need to compare with Hollywood, please!

Well, or let's compare with Bollywood. This is a separate story, a separate one altogether. But there are the same multi-billion dollar fees, but it's just a separate world".

The entire video with Fyodor Bonarchuk's participation can be viewed here.