Children's Ombudsman calls for lower the funding for clinics which implement abortions
29 May , 16:27
The Presidential Plenipotentiary for Children of Russia, Anna Kuznetsova, spoke in favor of reducing the funding of abortion clinics. According to her, the allocation of funds to these institutions should be inversely proportional to the number of abortions performed in them.

“The clinic should be interested in preserving the baby, and not in providing services for artificial termination of pregnancy”, - said Kuznetsova in a report.

She recalled that last year, social activists and government officials proposed "equating abortion with homicide" and introducing criminal penalties for them.

In addition, the Ombudsman proposes to limit the sale of drugs for termination of pregnancy in pharmacies. Kuznetsova cites data from Rosstat and the Audit Chamber, according to which last year the natural decline in the Russian population reached an 11-year high.

Recall that earlier Anna Kuznetsova proposed introducing a life sentence for crimes against children.

It should be noted that the number of appeals to the children's ombudsman last year increased by 27%. The number of Kuznetsova received at a personal appointment increased by 28.2%. Most often, parents turn to the child ombudsman. The number of appeals from persons in prison has increased.

Most complaints relate to violations of the rights of minors - their number increased by 22% in 2019.