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Denis Protsenko responded to the publication about the detection of sacks meant for corpses
29 June 2020, 15:58
Denis Protsenko responded to the publication about the detection of sacks meant for corpses
Photo: 123ru.net
Denis Protsenko, the head physician of the Moscow hospital in Kommunarka, said that the packages found for the transporting of the bodies did not contain medical records of the deceased. Earlier media reported that near this medical facility there were found bloodied packages with documents and tags from corpses.

- I want to comment on the publications that have appeared on the network now. Outside of our territory, a kilometer from the hospital, packages were found for transporting the bodies of the dead. The reports that medical records of patients were also found there are not true”, - Protsenko wrote on his Facebook page.

According to the physician, all the documentation that is necessary to establish the reasons for the incident was handed over to the police.

- Establishment of the circumstances of what happened is in the competence of law enforcement agencies. Corresponding events are already being held on this fact. The procedure for issuing the bodies of the deceased is strictly regulated by law. All the necessary information and documentation about the algorithm, as well as those to whom they were issued, is available in the hospital and handed over to law enforcement agencies to establish the reasons for what happened, Protsenko said.

Let us recall of material Readovka publication indicated that on June 28 near the hospital in Kommunarka locals found the garbage bags in which there were "medical records and documentation of the deceased patients, labels from the dead and infected blood".

- We found the packages, realized what was lying there with him and went straight to the nearest building, which turned out to be a "dirty zone". Immediately everyone began to fuss, at first they said that it had nothing to do with garbage. We went calmly. There were no guards, no one, - the publication cites eyewitnesses.

Readovka also published photos of the bags, as well as a video that recorded a conversation with an employee of a medical institution. According to the authors of the publication, the location of the packages is cordoned off, police and medical staff work there.