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Airfare to Turkey doubled compared to last summer
29 July 2020, 12:19
Airfare to Turkey doubled compared to last summer
Photo: newizv.ru
After the outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, Russia has suspended flights with all countries since April. Only recently a restoration has been announced with just three of them - the UK, Tanzania and Turkey.

But only Turkey can be of the interest to the tourists, and therefore, due to a high demand, the price of air tickets in this direction has increased.

To visit the UK, you first need to get a visa, but the most important thing now is not even this, but the fact that everyone arriving from abroad is required to be isolated there for two weeks. There were very expensive air tickets to Tanzania a year ago.

As a result, only "the demand for air tickets to Turkey among Russian travelers in the week from 20 to 26 July, when it became known about the resumption of flights, increased fivefold compared to the previous week, " the press service of the service told Interfax. sale of air tickets Tutu.ru. In response to the increased demand, prices for air tickets from Moscow and St. Petersburg to Antalya, Turkey, have almost doubled compared to the same period last year.

Flights from Moscow to Antalya came out on top in popularity among all foreign destinations (12% of all tickets sold abroad), although they will directly resume only from mid-August, while traveling there will have to get there with a flight connection at Istanbul airport. The average cost of round-trip air tickets from Moscow to Antalya is now 25 thousand rubles, from St. Petersburg to Antalya - 36.3 thousand rubles.

Air tickets from Moscow to Istanbul also increased in price - by 31%, from 18.4 to 24 thousand rubles. At the same time, it became cheaper to get from St. Petersburg to Istanbul by 13%, as prices dropped from 23.7 to 20.5 thousand rubles. At the same time, we are talking about air tickets until the end of the year - some of the purchased ones are dated also December, although most travelers in the current conditions do not make long-term plans. Almost 95% of tickets to Turkey were purchased in August, and of the remaining 5%, most are dated September.

From August 1, Russia will resume international flights to the airports of Ankara and Istanbul, and from August 10 - not only to Antalya, but also to Bodrum and Dalaman. But more than half of Russians are not yet ready to go abroad. So far, only 15% of the polled citizens are planning to relax this year in other countries.