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Coronavirus death toll exceeds one million
29 September 2020, 09:40
Coronavirus death toll exceeds one million
Photo: vi-covid19.com
In the world 1,000,555 people have died because of the coronavirus. A total of 33,273,720 cases were identified. 23,056,480 patients recovered.

This is evidenced by data from Johns Hopkins University. UN Secretary-General António Gutterres called this a terrible milestone and urged humanity to learn from its mistakes.

At the moment, Russia remains in fourth place in terms of the number of people infected with coronavirus. The United States is still in first place, India is in second, and Brazil is not third. As of September 28, 1,159,573 cases of the disease were registered in the Russian Federation.

Note that for the first time since June 16, more than eight thousand cases per day were detected - 8 135. 61 people died in the last 24 hours. For the entire time of the pandemic in Russia, 20,383 patients with diagnosed covid have died.

Aghasi Tavadyan, an expert on statistics and modeling at the Center for Economic Research, predicted the peak incidence of a new coronavirus infection in Russia.

“With the most favorable outcome, the morbidity and mortality rate will begin to decline in a week, the most likely scenario: Russia will peak in two to three weeks, in the worst case, the peak will happen in early November, - Tavadyan said.