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Channel One will file lawsuits against critics of the Golos show
29 October 2020, 16:43
Channel One will file lawsuits against critics of the Golos show
Photo: vedomosti.ru
Channel One said that we respect opinions and constructive criticism there, but the actor Sadalsky, journalist Sosedov and the leader of the Communists of Russia party Suraikin allowed “the dissemination of false information that tarnishes the business reputation”.

Two days ago, on October 27, the Communists of Russia party sent an appeal to the First Channel directorate to close the Golos / Voice show and create another program that would change the selection principles for both jury members and contestants. Party leader Maksim Suraikin noted that the very idea of such a show is not bad, but in practice, the implementation of the project "drowned in slyness and subjectivity", and "thieves" become constant winners.

The famous blogger-actor Stanislav Sadalsky also criticized the situation around the show. He named the next winner girl, the daughter of Channel One host Roman Budnikov, the new "daughter of Alsou", accusing the program management that one of the top managers allegedly instructed the jury to promote her. Journalist Sergey Sosedov noted that "in such shows, the viewer decides little", and episodes of the program are recorded in advance, so they can "count the votes as they like", - the Interfax news agency reported.

Now Channel One plans to file lawsuits against Maxim Suraikin, Stanislav Sadalsky and Sergey Sosedov because of their statements, which were considered false. "We respect the opinion and constructive criticism, no matter who it comes from, but Messrs. Sadalsky, Sosedov and Suraikin allowed the dissemination of false information that discredits the business reputation of Channel One. Channel One intends to bring them to civil liability", - said in the message of the channel.

Channel One believes that "honesty and equal opportunities for all" remain the basic principles on the show Golos (Voice), and "the only case in the history of Russian" Golos "that influencing the results of the audience vote" was opened and thoroughly investigated by the channel itself. We are talking about the situation that developed in the spring of 2019, when, according to the results of the season, the "Golos. Children" contest, according to the results of SMS voting, became the singer's daughter Alsu Mikella Abramova. The first channel began a check, which was ordered by Group-IB, and its experts revealed massive cheating of votes in favor of Mikella Abramova. The results of such a competition were canceled, the star's daughter's win went to charity, and Channel One changed voting rules.