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Business asks to refuse from the mass installation of "smart" meters
30 October 2020, 10:47
Business asks to refuse from the mass installation of "smart" meters
Photo: ТАСС
The Association of Guaranteeing Suppliers and Energy Sales Companies sent a proposal to the State Duma to abandon the universal installation of so-called "smart" meters for metering electricity in houses.

Responsibilities for metering electricity in apartment buildings from July 1, 2020 fell on suppliers, as well as on power grid companies for other consumers. In 2022, from January 1, only smart metering devices can be installed. And those organizations that cannot provide accounting with "smart" meters by 2023 will be fined, Izvestia reminds .

The Ministry of Energy has calculated that "smart" metering of electricity will reduce its losses by 70-80 billion rubles every year.

But the Association proposes not to change the metering device in each apartment. Instead, representatives of the organization suggest installing "smart" meters throughout the house, or not at all. The decision for the choice in which houses to change the old metering devices to new, intelligent ones, the Association proposes to leave it to the authorities of the subjects.

The organization stressed that the universal installation of "smart" devices is unprofitable, and the costs will exceed the calculated savings.

Earlier it was reported that the Rosseti group of companies began implementation of the 552-FZ law on the development of intelligent electricity metering systems and plans to spend over 381 billion rubles on the implementation of smart meters by 2030.