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Conditions for receiving 100 thousand rubles for vaccination are named
31 August 2021, 23:58
Conditions for receiving 100 thousand rubles for vaccination are named
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In Russia, on September 1, a drawing of cash prizes of 100 thousand rubles will begin among residents who have been vaccinated against coronavirus.

According to the business information agency " Prime ", in order to participate in the drawing of prizes and receive money, it is necessary to fulfill several conditions.

“All vaccinated people will be able to participate in the drawing and get a chance to win 100,000 rubles. While it is possible to get a MIR card and an account on public services, if they are not yet available: after all, this will be needed to credit the winnings to those who are lucky, ”the message says.

The drawing of money will be carried out among the users of the portal of public services by the method of random sampling from September 1 to December 1.

Patients who have a unique record number from the Unified Register of Vaccinated People, which is assigned during the vaccination, will be eligible to participate in the drawing.

After the Goznak Society, responsible for the drawing, begins to determine the winners, the results will be published on the site bonuszazdorove.rf. In addition, the winners will receive notifications in their personal account through the public services portal.

To receive money, it is necessary to issue a MIR card in advance: money will be transferred only to it. It will be possible to receive the winnings within six months from the moment of the prize drawing.

In total, it is planned to hold two rounds of draws. The total number of winners will not exceed 1,000. Each lucky person will receive 100 thousand rubles.

Prizes will only be available to adults over 18 years of age.

The names of the winners will be randomly selected. Everyone who managed to get vaccinated before the start of the rally will get into it.