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Gazprom stops pumping gas through Nord Stream
31 August, 20:14
Gazprom stops pumping gas through Nord Stream
Gas pumping through the Nord Stream pipeline has been completely suspended for the duration of scheduled technical work, Gazprom confirmed. The work will start today, August 30, at the gas pumping unit of the Portovaya compressor station.

Pumping was stopped at 4:00 am, as announced by the Russian concern, but the Nord Stream AG website shows small residual gas flow until 5:00 Moscow time.

At 4 am Moscow time on September 3, it is planned to resume pumping.

Earlier, Gazprom reported that preparations for filling underground gas storage facilities in the country for the autumn-winter period are proceeding according to schedule. The company predicted that the price of gas in Europe this winter could exceed four thousand dollars per thousand cubic meters. European countries have developed a plan to reduce resource consumption.