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Irina Slutskaya told why skaters pull tights on skates
2 February 2021, 10:49
Irina Slutskaya told why skaters pull tights on skates
Photo: инстаграм Ирины Слуцкой
Olympic medalist Irina Slutskaya answered on her instagram a question that wondered anyone who had ever watched a figure skating competition: why pantyhose right on skates?

“In fact, there are several reasons why skaters pull tights over their skates”, - writes Slutskaya, - Firstly, it visually lengthens the legs. Yes, there is still a place for aesthetics. So this is not a myth. Secondly, it does not allow the laces to dangle and interfere with the performance of the elements. Thirdly, the tights hide the damage on the skates. Boots are the skater's workhorses, so they scratch and bounce a lot over the season. To hide the shabby look, someone tints them, and someone pulls on tights.

Slutskaya published this post under the heading "Myths for Ice" - the skater created it on Instagram to tell interesting stories from her sports life and dispel myths about figure skating. “Write in the comments what else you would like to know about figure skating”, - Slutskaya suggests to followers.