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But we ride tanks... Why are there no multi-day cycling races in Russia?
18 September 2020, 16:44
But we ride tanks... Why are there no multi-day cycling races in Russia?
In the entire vast country, there are hardly enough decent roads for riders to compete on them for three weeks, driving 150-200 kilometers a day.

A businessman whose activities are related to a ski resort in Kuzbass, Vyacheslav Chernov, drew attention to a curious domestic feature - why multi-day cycling races are not held in Russia. And even if they are carried out, then very few people know about them. It's no secret that cycling is very popular in Europe (and not only). The most famous cycling races are held annually in France - Tour de France, in Spain - Vuelta and in Italy - Giro d'Italia. They collect millions of TV viewers around the world. Moreover, many of them follow not so much the vicissitudes of the race, but rather its amazing surroundings. Alas, Russia is deprived of such a spectacle.


The answer is simple: there is simply no place for cyclists to compete in our vast country. For example, the Tour de France lasts three weeks and consists of 21 stages, with riders covering 150-220 km a day. In Russia, there simply cannot be found so many roads of decent quality, so that athletes can drive at high speed without the risk of falling into a hole or pothole and breaking their necks. In addition, in addition to roads in cycling, there are many related things: accommodation of a huge number of personnel, food, route planning, competent actions of the police and other city services to ensure security, redirect traffic, readiness of medical institutions and much, much more ...

However, here is what Chernov writes about this:

“One of the most pacifying spectacles is cycling. A bunch of dudes are riding in a crowd on bikes, someone is always trying to get ahead and you are generally purple, who doesn't care who will come to the finish line first. Because the most beautiful thing about cycling broadcasts from Europe or North America is filming.

Athletes travel tens of kilometers along incredibly beautiful places, along wonderful roads, the camera from above reveals views of well-groomed villages, beautiful fields, landscaping shots flicker, casting calm, tranquility and harmony.

Do you know why world cycling tours are not held in Russia? In Russia, athletes and spectators cannot be let out of the narrow boundaries of a local, specially prepared sports facility.

Imagine live footage flying around the world, captured by cameras over hundreds of kilometers across a Russian province.

Everyone will have a reasonable question - why do the authorities stubbornly refuse to restore Russia after the war, after all, 75 years have passed!"

Matching the comments to this post:

- Yes. This is true. The Tour de France, the most prestigious cycling race, is officially a publicity for France, supported by the government. And there are the most beautiful and professional filming.

- I remember that I was stunned by the information that during the dog sled race "Beringia" (held in Kamchatka), the racers not only compete, but also deliver goods to remote villages of Kamchatka. 21 century.

- In France and Spain and Italy (three world grand tours) it brings a lot of money to these countries. A lot of money in the outback. Secondary roads are being repaired. Temporary jobs are being created. Tourism is flourishing. Plus intangible benefits - the prestige of the state in the world sports (and not only sports) arena.

- Once again, we drove along the Sochi direction in the summer - well, as with ALL the cities of the Black Sea, God forgive me, our riviera, like from one mommy... That is, even where it is very beautiful in itself, it is still squalor spilled from one barrel... About the province - generally keep quiet.

- I often turn on bicycle races and just look at the scenery! And there is!


Speaking of bicycles. They perfectly demonstrate the colossal gap in the standard of living in Moscow and the regions. One has only to imagine a bicycle path, which has become a common thing in the capital, somewhere in Penza or Irkutsk. There is not enough imagination here...

However, in fairness, it should be noted that Russia also has something to be proud of when it comes to racing. First, the already mentioned dog sled competitions, for which only snow is needed, and our country does not experience a lack of it. And secondly, our know-how - tank biathlon - is probably the most frightening sight in the world.