Why don't they fall? One more confirmation that Americans did not visit the moon
3 December 2020, 16:35
Another revelation of the fact of the landing of American astronauts on the lunar surface appeared on the social networks.

For more than half a century since the first visit of the Earthlings to the Moon, people who did not believe in this fact, broke so many spears in attempts to "scientifically" refute it that if these spears were drawn in one line, it would be completely enough to reach from the Earth to its satellite.

Another, and very ingenious, attempt at proof was made in the forum "Americans on the Moon - is there any proof?"

It examines the balancing of astronauts (and the authors take both of these words in quotation marks, implying that the Americans did not make any landing on the moon) with a 60-kilogram life support system behind them.

The authors prove in detail, with diagrams and freeze frames of lunar photography, that the location of the center of gravity of astronauts, which we see in the images from the Moon, does not correspond to science: so that a person does not fall with such a load, the projection of the center of gravity must be within the foot... Not so with the Americans.

And how do these actors manage to maintain such impeccable posture ?! - the authors ironically, - after all, the balance is the same both on the Moon and on Earth... Yes, they should have tipped over on their back long ago! Moreover, training on the ground shows exactly the same balancing of future astronauts.

There is either a complete deception, or the load behind the back - foam plastic and weighing nothing... This means the video from which the still frames were taken is an unambiguous fake.