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Rostrud intends to create a smart employment system
6 August 2020, 09:40
Rostrud intends to create a smart employment system
Photo: nb-ugra.ru
A smart recommendation service using artificial intelligence and machine learning is planned to be created on the basis of the all-Russian database of vacancies "Work in Russia". The budget for this project is 147.5 million rubles for the next year.

This is reported by Vedomosti with the reference to the materials of Rostrud, sent to the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications.

The service will have to offer applicants suitable vacancies, and the employment services and employers will advise the most suitable candidates.

Rostrud (Federal Labor and Employment) is going to include the development in the passport of the federal project "Artificial Intelligence", which is formed by the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications, which is engaged in the inventory of departmental projects for the introduction of AI.

Experts believe that for the service to work correctly, a fairly large amount of data on user behavior and search results is needed. Previously, Rostrud did not monitor employment with the help of "Work in Russia". The department also reports that they have already begun collecting feedback - on the responses of applicants and invitations from employers, the facts of finding a job or the selection of workers on the portal.

Let us remind you that Work in Russia was created in 2009. As of August 5, 2020, 2.97 million resumes and 459,400 vacancies for 1.42 million jobs were registered on the service.

According to Rosstat, in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, the total number of actual unemployed in Russia increased to 4 million 513 thousand people. The unemployment rate exceeded 6% for the first time since March 2012. Moreover, the indicator continued to grow - in May it was at the level of 6.1%, and in June - 6.3%. In July, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the authorities had managed to prevent an explosive rise in unemployment among the population.

Let us note also that the average salary in Russia for the last year in the Russian Federation amounted to 35 thousand rubles.