The Chinese have it right! New proof that Americans did not visit the moon
8 December 2020, 09:53
The color of the lunar rock in Chinese photographs is completely different than in American.

Blogger Photo-vlad, who devoted all his free time to the analysis of "American falsification of flights to the Moon from a strictly scientific position", presented another "piece of evidence" confirming, in his opinion, that in 1969 the Americans flew not to the Moon, but much closer - to Hollywood...

He published a collage of two color frames, Chinese and American, drawing the attention of readers to the color of the lunar surface. If for the Chinese it is brownish-brown, then for the Americans it is cement-gray.

By the way, in the Soviet photographs taken, in particular from the "Zond-7", which flew around and photographed the moon in the same 1969, the surface is also brownish-brown.

And this, according to the blogger, means that the Chinese (and the Soviet ship) flew to some other, in contrast to the gray American, the moon - brown. That is, in 1969, America did not fly to any moon.

Continuation, apparently, follows...