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Photo of the day: an engineer from Egypt created a robot that take tests for covid-19
16 July 2020, 10:35
Photo of the day: an engineer from Egypt created a robot that take tests for covid-19
A remote-controlled robot can take strokes, measure temperature, and thwart attempts at Covid dissidentism.

The information about the anthropomorphic robot, which replaces the doctors on the tests - the invention of the 26-year-old Egyptian engineer Mahmoud El-Komy is published at Business Insider site.

Irina Ziganshina

Robots are being used at the forefront of the battle with COVID-19 with increasing frequency. For example, a remote-controlled robot that can take nasal swabs for coronavirus tests was recently developed by a team of doctors and researchers from South Korea. In Singapore, four-legged robotic dogs patrolled the parks, monitoring the observance of social distance, while in Boston they were also used for remote examination, acting as a mobile stand for an ipeda through which doctors could communicate with patients.

In India and other countries, robots were instructed to check people with a thermometer-gun, identifying those with a fever. Having a robot, you can not put the risk of getting sick medical workers who have to approach potentially infected people.

The 26-year-old mechanical engineer Mahmoud El-Komy spent over a month developing his humanoid robot with remote control. The current prototype, the second in a row, can measure temperature, take swabs from the mouth for the PCR test and "pinpoint" those who do not wear masks.

El-Komy is currently working on a third prototype that could take nasal swabs and be even more precise in his movements. This robot moves on four wheels controlled by a remote control. It can also be used in shopping centers and airports to measure temperature.