Science fiction writer Lukyanenko doubted that an American drone would get off the ground on Mars
20 February , 18:01
The writer believes that the lift of the American helicopter is not enough to overcome the gravity of the planet.

The first Martian helicopter reported that it had safely transferred its flight to Mars and landing on its surface.

At the moment, the helicopter batteries have begun charging up to 30%, and it already independently turns on and off the heaters of its electronics in order to survive the night temperatures (minus 90 degrees Celsius).

After a few days, the charge will increase to 35%, and then it will continue in cycles every few days.

Technical expert Vadim Lukashevich writes on his blog:

“Thus, Rover will leave the helicopter on the surface of Mars with fully charged batteries no earlier than 30 days after landing, after which the helicopter weighing 2 kg will try to take off. If this succeeds, his program will be 90% complete. And if he also survives after landing, then it will be a complete success! Then he will recharge the batteries from his small solar panel and try to take off several more times (3-4).

History is happening before our eyes..."

However, in addition to conspiracy theorists who do not believe that the American rover was delivered to the Red Planet - Novye Izvestia wrote about them yesterday - there were quite respected people who doubted the technical capabilities of American technology. One of them is the popular science fiction writer Sergei Lukyanenko, who wrote:

Vadim Lukashevich responded this way:

“A clear difference between science fiction writer and engineer.

I will note that earlier, during my youth, science fiction was ahead of engineers, but now the situation has changed to the opposite.

And, by the way, the weight of the Martian helicopter is 2 kilograms..."