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Digital Einstein: no one to talk to? Chat with Albert Einstein!
20 April 2021, 15:37
Digital Einstein: no one to talk to? Chat with Albert Einstein!
Photo: einstein.digitalhumans.com
Digital Einstein can be asked any questions, as if you were communicating with a real scientist.

On the 100th anniversary of Albert Einstein's Nobel Prize, the technology company UneeQ has presented his digital version - the Digital Einstein project, reports TechXplore.

The developers call their invention "empirical artificial intelligence". It is a digital platform with which one can communicate, receiving not only information, but also emotional interaction. Digital Einstein has a sense of humor, he speaks in a pleasant voice and reacts vividly to the interlocutor. The goal of the project is to teach, entertain and relieve loneliness for those who find themselves in isolation.


By communicating with a digital Einstein, you can check the level of your knowledge and find out the scientist's opinion on various topics. For example, when asked whether time travel will become real, digital Einstein replies, “In theory, yes. Someday we will understand how time travel works. However, this will require a time machine the size of the sun, so I think it will not happen soon".

The developers tried to make the prototype as realistic as possible. But if there were no problems with the visual appearance of the digital version, because there are enough photographic images of Einstein, then the situation with the voice was more complicated. The audio content production company Aflorithmic helped synthesize it. It is known from the descriptions of the famous physicist that he had a high-pitched voice and a strong German accent. Contemporaries mentioned a slow intonation, which felt good nature and wisdom, and a sense of humor. The developers tried to put all this into their bot.

You can talk to a digital Einstein at einstein.digitalhumans.com.