Ankara demanded explanations from Russian pilots who extinguished fires in Turkey (VIDEO)
1 October , 12:07
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The Turkish side demanded an explanation from the crews of the Russian Be-200ES amphibious aircraft leased to fight forest fires, whose flights "caused concern" among the residents of Antalya.

The Turkish edition of Milliyet reports.

On September 28, the Be-200, nicknamed the "Fiery Eagle", flew over one of the urban areas. The publication says that the townspeople, seeing the planes operated by Russian pilots, "poured out onto the balconies of their houses". The authors of the article point out that after taking the water, the aircraft flew close enough to the buildings, "which caused the residents' concern".

Video: Haber Takvimi

After the return of the pilots, the report says, representatives of the regional forestry department contacted them for clarification.

Let us recall that in early summer, two Be-200s arrived in Turkey to help put out forest fires. In the vicinity of Antalya, Izmir and Bodrum, aircraft with Russian crews will stay for four months. One of the boards participated in extinguishing a fire at a fireworks factory in Sakarya province.