In Quebec, an unknown person in medieval clothes stabbed two people
2 November 2020, 09:34
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Photo: ICI Québec
At least two people were killed and five were injured in Quebec, Canada, when attacked by an unknown person with a cold weapon.

According to the BBC, citing police, a young man in a medieval costume with a cold weapon attacked citizens in the historic center of Quebec near Parliament Hill on the evening of October 31.

The criminal was detained at night. It is reported that the detainee is about 25 years old. The motives for the crime committed by him are still unknown.

The investigation is currently ongoing, law enforcement officers asked local residents to stay at home.

Let us recall that earlier in France there was a series of attacks on citizens. In Nice, a native of Tunisia attacked parishioners of a Christian church with a knife, stabbing three. He managed to behead two of his victims before the police arrived. When detained, the raider shouted: "Allah Akbar". Also, an Islamist attack on police officers took place in another French city - Avignon.