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Austrian Foreign Ministry: killed terrorist was a "radicalized person"
3 November 2020, 09:10
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Austrian Foreign Ministry: killed terrorist was a "radicalized person"
Photo: cnbc.com
The identity of the terrorist killed by law enforcement officers, who organized an attack in the Austrian capital together with his accomplices, has been established. Austrian Interior Minister Karl Nehammer called him a uniquely radicalized person.

The terrorist attacks in Vienna killed three people. Earlier it was reported about two victims of the attack - a bystander who died at the scene, as well as a city woman who died from her wounds in the hospital. At least 15 people were injured.

The fact that the killed terrorist is a radical Islamist, Nehammer said during a press conference, hosted by The Guardian. The house of the murdered criminal was searched, added the general director of public security in Vienna Franz Ruf, adding that the security forces had at their disposal 20,000 videos made by eyewitnesses.

When asked whether the perpetrator was an anti-Semite (let us recall, the attack took place near the synagogue), the officials replied that it was impossible to say for sure yet, but the murdered man “was definitely a radicalized person” and sympathized towards IS*.

* ISIS is a terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation.