US scientists: pregnant women die because of covid more often than other female patients
3 November 2020, 09:11
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The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that coronavirus is more dangerous for pregnant women than for other female patients, since the risk of death is much higher.

Experts made such conclusions on the basis of statistics collected from January 22 to October 3.

Earlier in The Washington Post, it was reported that of more than 19 thousand examined pregnant women infected with COVID-19, 33 patients died. The mortality rate in this category was 0.2%. And among non-pregnant women, the indicator was twice lower.

The CDC believes the increased risk may be due to physiological changes that occur during pregnancy. It is about increased heart rate, decreased lung capacity, and shifts in the immune system.

Let us note that pregnancy is considered a contraindication for the administration of the anti-coronavirus vaccine along with allergic reactions, cancer, exacerbation of chronic diseases.

At the same time, the drug, originally used to treat pregnant women who have a high risk of blood clots, then began to be used to nurture coronavirus patients. During the pandemic, there was a shortage of this drug in pharmacies.