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25-day urgent mobilization will take place in Belarus immediately after the elections
4 August 2020, 14:44
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25-day urgent mobilization will take place in Belarus immediately after the elections
Photo: volkovysk.by
In Belarus, all men under age 35 who have previously served are called up for 25-day urgent mobilization. Residents of the Vitebsk region, which borders Russia, have already received the summons.

They should appear at the collection points on August 10 - the day after the presidential elections in the country, reports Telegram-channel WarGonzo. As the newspaper notes, citing its source, the conscripts will be sent to serve in the units where they previously served.

The Ministry of Defense of Belarus confirmed that military training will begin in the country on August 11, but added that they are planned and will affect only residents of the Vitebsk region, writes The Insider. As noted by the Telegram channel Kotsnews, residents of the Mogilev region also received similar summons.

Earlier on Monday, the incumbent President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko signed a decree on the conscription of all Belarusians who turned 18 and who are not entitled to a deferral from conscription, or if this deferral has expired, BelTA writes.

Recently, 33 fighters of the Russian private military company Wagner were detained in Belarus on suspicion of planning terrorist attacks on the territory of the country on the eve of the elections. A criminal case was initiated. The country's authorities said that there are supposedly about 200 more fighters on the territory of the republic, but there was no information about their detention. Russian Ambassador to Belarus Dmitry Mezentsev said that the detainees were sent in transit to Turkey. They could have been employees of a private security company. In Belarus, they were delayed because they missed their flight. After the arrest of the fighters on the border between Russia and Belarus, they began to check the documents of everyone crossing the border. As a result, traffic jams were formed for many hours.