Minister Gove did not rule out that quarantine in Great Britain will be lifted only in March
5 January , 15:48
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UK Attorney General Michael Gove said the nationwide quarantine could last until March. The lifting of restrictions, he said, depends on how the authorities will implement the vaccination plan. It is reported by Sky News.

So, Gove questioned the end of the lockdown in the UK in mid-February. Until that time, the task is to deliver the vaccine to 13 million people. However, such an ambitious goal may not be achieved. According to the minister, even with a good scenario, there is no point in hoping for a complete lifting of restrictions - you need to prepare for a long struggle against a new type of coronavirus.

“What we do know is that the more effective our vaccination program, the more people are protected in this way, the easier it will be to lift those restrictions”, - Gove said.

Let us remind you that from January 6 in the UK, a nationwide quarantine is being introduced for the third time. It will last at least 6-7 weeks. During this time, the most vulnerable groups of citizens should receive the vaccine.

During the lockdown, residents of the country will be allowed to leave their homes only in exceptional cases - to go to the grocery store, pharmacy, hospital or to work if necessary. You can also exercise once a day near your home. At the same time, all schoolchildren will switch to online education.

Those who violate the quarantine rules face a fine of £ 200, and for repeated violations - up to £ 6400.