Lukashenko suggested showing on Russian TV the Victory Parade which will be held in Minsk
5 May , 16:30
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President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has proposed to show the Belarusian Victory Parade on Russian television.

He previously said that it was impossible to cancel it because of the pandemic, because it plays an important ideological role, and invited all the heads of the former Soviet republics to the parade in Minsk.

“We must also ask Russian television channels to show our parade to our brothers, the Russians”, - Interfax quoted Lukashenko words. According to Belarus leader, the presidents invited by him are unlikely to come to Minsk, since everyone imposed the restrictions in their countries: quarantine, curfew, and “here - bang! - and a visit to Belarus for the parade”, which would mean the authorities violated their own restrictions.

The country's president believes that the pandemic is being used by many with the political purposes. In his country he does not want to allow this. According to him, the presidential elections scheduled for this year will take place, despite the pandemic. The election date will be announced in the nearest future. At the moment in Belarus about 17.4 thousand people have become infected with coronavirus, 103 patients have died from complications. So far only 3.2 thousand patients have been able to recover.