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Water cannons were used to disperse protesters in Minsk
5 October 2020, 09:38
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Water cannons were used to disperse protesters in Minsk
Photo: телеграм-канал Nexta Live
In the capital of Belarus, Minsk, another mass protest action, which has already become traditional for Sundays, has begun. They have been held in Belarus for almost two months, after the CEC announced another victory for the country's long-term leader, Alexander Lukashenko, after the August 9 presidential elections.

The protesters also advocate the release of political prisoners and the investigation of cases of the use of violence by the security forces at the protests. Today's action is dedicated to this, the participants of which intended to pass by the isolation ward on Akrestsin Street, which received the notorious "concentration camp" for beatings and other tortures of detainees.

The center of Minsk today, according to eyewitnesses, is flooded with the military and police, traffic is blocked on many streets, and 10 armored personnel carriers have been pulled up to the residence of Alexander Lukashenko. Security officials near the Sports Palace on Pobediteley Avenue used water cannons to disperse the protesters. An eyewitness of the events told the TASS agency by phone. The Kommersant newspaper notes that water cannons were also used at the Gallery shopping center, on Masherov Avenue. There are at least 10 known detainees.

However, the column of protesters continues to move through the city; on Masherov Avenue, the protesters took to the roadway. The Nexta Telegram channel reported that "the Belarusians drove and partially disassembled the water cannon on the way". “People managed to open one of the hatches and get out a can of paint. The footage published by the Belarusian media shows how the water column from the car rises. Later the special-purpose machinery left the place of the action", - the telegram channel Podyom (Rise) notes. The Interfax news agency reports that up to 100 thousand people took part in the action.

Protests were also held in Zhodino, not far from Minsk, where the security forces dispersed the protesters and then caught them in their courtyards. In Vitsebsk, security forces used tear gas against protesters.