Scientists intend to ask the WHO to change recommendations for the prevention of coronavirus
6 July , 10:00
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Scientists from more than thirty countries are going to send a letter to the head of the World Health Organization. They propose to admit that COVID-19 is not only transmitted by airborne droplets, but also remains in the air for a longer time than was assumed by the WHO.

The authors of the letter, according to The New York Times, are confident that in connection with these facts, the WHO should revise its official recommendations.

A complete list of countries whose scientists have signed the report is not provided, says Russia 24.

To date, the largest number of new cases of new coronavirus infection has been reported in Japan, South Korea and Iran. The United States remains the first in the number of cases. Over three million people were infected with COVID-19.

Note that WHO intends to actively cooperate with Russia in the development of a vaccine against coronavirus. So far, scientists from different countries have developed 141 vaccines, but WHO has not called effective any of them.

As for the prevention of coronavirus, experts note that about 80% of antibacterial agents in the Russian market do not protect against bacteria and viruses. Most of the products presented in the Russian Federation are sanitizers, etc. - simply do not comply with domestic law. They do not neutralize viruses, although on the packaging this is exactly the action promised by the manufacturer.