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Trump announced his election victory by "legal vote"
6 November 2020, 09:42
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Trump announced his election victory by "legal vote"
Photo: thefiscaltimes.com
The incumbent head of the United States, Donald Trump, is confident that he won the presidential elections, if only "legal votes" are counted.

"If you count the legal votes, then I win easily. If you consider illegal votes, then they may try to steal elections from us. If you count the votes that arrived late. We are watching them very closely, but many of the votes came late", - Trump said during his press conference at the White House. Trump's speech was broadcast live by RT.

He also listed the states where he “won a landslide victory”, including Florida, Iowa, Indiana, Ohio. Trump emphasized that he has won "many other victories as well, despite historic election interference from the media, big money and big tech companies".

Trump believes that the US Democratic Party intervened in the presidential election with "fraudulent polls" in order to crush the Republicans.

“As everyone now admits, the polls conducted by the media were election interference in the true sense of the word by influential groups,” Trump said, adding that “these are indeed fake polls”.

- I have to call them fake, deceitful polls. They were designed to keep our voters at home, to create the illusion of [Democratic nominee Joseph] Biden's advantage, and to reduce the ability of Republicans to raise [campaign funds], ”the incumbent said. (Quote from TASS).

He also promised that he would not allow his victory to be stolen by "corruption." He called his goal "protecting the integrity of elections".

“We will not allow corruption to steal such an important election or any election in this way, and we cannot allow anyone to silence voters”, - Trump said.

We remember that Trump has repeatedly expressed fears that he has a better chance of losing the election if the vote is held by mail.

"I spoke about this for many months with all of you. And I strongly said that the ballots sent by mail would be a disaster”, - the president recalled.

After all, Trump said that "the question is not who wins: Republican or Democrat".

“We cannot allow this to happen with our country, we cannot allow ourselves to be disgraced by this happening,” Trump said and expressed his hope for an early clarification of the situation around the election results.

Earlier, Fox News released data according to which Trump was supported by 214 electors, and Joseph Biden - by 264. To win, a US presidential candidate must receive at least 270 votes. Analysts initially favored the incumbent in Wisconsin and Michigan. But the counting situation there suddenly and dramatically changed , and the states "turned" towards the Democrats. Apart from Wisconsin, Donald Trump would have had enough votes to win from Michigan.

Trump has already called for an end to the protracted counting process.