New York authorities did not rule out that coronavirus victims would have to be buried in parks
7 April , 00:34
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The authorities of New York do not exclude that if the number of coronavirus victims continues to grow, the dead will have to be temporarily buried in parks, said New York Legislative Assembly member Mark Levin on his Twitter.

The mayor also emphasized that New York may soon need new places for the burial of corpses, but declined to comment on whether parks will be involved for this purpose.

“Yes, you read it right. It is in the parks. To do this, we will dig trenches designed for 10 coffins in a row, ”Levin wrote on his Twitter.

He explained that so far this is only about an opportunity that the authorities do not exclude and are preparing for if the number of deaths continues to grow. Currently, the number of victims of a new epidemic of coronavirus in New York State has exceeded about 4.7 thousand people; more than 130 thousand cases of the disease have been detected in the region. In general, in the United States, a new virus infected almost 338 thousand people - this is almost 20% of the total number of infected worldwide. Mortality from the disease is still low - only 2.86%. For comparison, in Italy, mortality exceeded 12.4%.