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Lukashenko: The conversation between Mike and Nick Belarusian was intercepted by the "super-professionals"
9 September 2020, 15:17
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Lukashenko: The conversation between Mike and Nick Belarusian was intercepted by the "super-professionals"
The audio recording of the talks between Warsaw and Berlin about the incident with the Russian opposition leader Aleksey Navalny was intercepted by the Belarusian electronic intelligence station deployed in Grodno, said the President of the Republic Alexander Lukashenko.

“We have deployed this station in Grodno, we have it equipped with super-modern technology, we have super-professional people working there, and we have intercepted this story”, - Roman Babayan, editor-in-chief of Radio Govorit Moskva, quoted Alexander Lukashenko.

Recall that the television of Belarus published an audio recording, which was allegedly obtained during the interception of a conversation between Germany and Poland on the situation around Navalny. One of the interlocutors on the tape says that the confirmation of the poisoning of the oppositionist does not matter, since "all methods are good in war".

The President of Belarus stated that "units are now deployed on the western border of the country, and we, of course, are waging a confrontation with NATO in the radio sphere", and in this way we managed to intercept the dialogue between the Polish and German interlocutors. It should be noted that in the same entry the same interlocutors call Lukashenko himself a “tough nut to crack”.

Economist Dmitry Travin is sure that this conversation is nothing more than "crap".

- We've been making fun of the crap since yesterday evening, which Luka made up about the conversation between Warsaw and Berlin, but in fact the fake was done quite professionally, with the expectation of exactly the consumer that it should influence. Dialogue is “glued together” from pieces of popular detective stories that millions of ordinary people watch on TV or read in pocket editions, Travin said.

Experts point out that Navalny is not the main thing in this allegedly intercepted dialogue. Just by mentioning it, the audio recording will get broader discussion. The main thing, experts say, is “the war against Russia and Belarus”, the recognition that Lukashenko “turned out to be stronger than the West thought,” as well as the fact that the Russian Federation supports Lukashenko in any case.