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Dogs will return to the White House with the Biden couple
9 November 2020, 09:38
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Dogs will return to the White House with the Biden couple
Photo: twitter.com
Time without dogs will end in the White House. Joe Biden has two of them. As you know, Donald Trump did not have animals. Now two shepherd dogs will settle in the main house of the country. The White House is expecting another premiere - one dog was taken by the Biden family from a shelter.

Life without pets ends in the White House. In January next year, two shepherds will enter at once - Champ and Major (Champion and Major). Champ has been living with the Biden for 12 years. Major Jill and Joe Biden were recruited from a dog shelter in 2018.

Dogs in the White House are a long-standing tradition. Barack Obama had the Portuguese Water Dog Bo, George W. Bush had the Scottish Terrier Barney, and Bill Clinton had a chocolate-colored Labrador Buddy.

Будущая первая леди с Чемпом и Мейджером

Donald Trump was the first president of the United States in 100 years who had no dog.

For the first time, a dog from a shelter will live in the residence of an American president.