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Japanese government resigns
10 August, 09:56
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Japanese government resigns
Photo: Global Look Press
The government of Japan in full force today, August 10, resigned.

According to the Kyodo agency, a special meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers began at 11:30 local time (5:30 Moscow time). A new composition of the government has been announced under the leadership of Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. As expected, Finance Minister Shun'ichi Suzuki and Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi and Economic Recovery Minister Daishiro Yamagiva retained their posts. The Ministry of Defense was headed by Yasukazu Hamada, who already held this post in 2008-2009. Yasutoshi Nishimura became Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry. He was also appointed to the post of minister responsible for economic relations with the Russian Federation. Recall that the Japanese opposition demanded to abolish this post against the backdrop of a Russian special operation in Ukraine, but they failed.

Earlier it was said that changes in the composition of the country's government were scheduled for September, but Kishida decided to make them now in order to accept the economic concept of "new capitalism".

It's worth reminding that in November last year, Kishida became the 101st Japanese prime minister following a vote in the lower house. The government was formed on October 4, but 10 days later the powers of the lower house expired, and new elections were held on October 31. The Liberal Democratic Party, led by Kishida, won the vote. According to the requirements of the Japanese Constitution, the Cabinet resigned. In November, Kishida was re-elected head of government.