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Polish scientists have developed a calculator for probable death from coronavirus
11 May 2020, 17:36
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Polish scientists have developed a calculator for probable death from coronavirus
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According to the representative of the Polish Pomeranian Science and Technology Park Magdolena Malara-Schvitonskaya, the program for calculating the probable death after infection with coronavirus "takes into account the age and gender of the person".

As well as the information about the four main types of chronic diseases.

According to Magdolena Malara-Schvitonskaya, the calculator was developed including by doctors and epidemiologists. The calculation takes into account chronic diseases - cardiovascular, high blood pressure, diabetes, oncology, obesity.

"Recent data show that mortality among people without any chronic diseases is less than 1% of fatal cases of COVID-19", - RIA Novosti quoted the chief developer of the calculator, Doctor of Medical Sciences Petr Bandosh .

For example, the risk of death in case of infection with coronavirus for a thirty-year-old man without chronic diseases is only 0.03%, and for a woman - even 0.02%. However, at the age of 80 years and older, the risk for a man with diabetes and oncology increases already to 25.86%, and for a woman of the same age and with the same diseases - 14.03%.

According to the latest data, in Poland with its population of 38.5 million people, coronavirus infection was detected in 16,206 inhabitants of the country, 803 of them died. The population of Russia is 3.8 times larger and on a Russian scale, this would mean 61.6 thousand cases of coronavirus detected, but in Russia there are already 221.3 thousand, which indicates a faster infection spread. According to the latest WHO data, more than 3.9 million cases were recorded worldwide, more than 274 thousand people died.

Last Thursday, hundreds of Polish entrepreneurs gathered in a protest rally in central Warsaw. Since mass events in Poland are still prohibited, they staged a rally in the format of "auto-car", having gathered on it in their cars not only from the Polish capital, but also from other cities of the country.

Protesters demanded "full thawing of the economy". Gathered in a column, they slowly moved along the roadway, tried to block the road traffic and constantly buzzed in horns. The protesters also demanded that the authorities pay compensation for losses associated with the fact that during the epidemic many entrepreneurs were forced to stop or reduce their activities, but retaining paid jobs and not dismissing workers. Only this week, after a month and a half break, shopping centers began to open.