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Poland will grow with the past, radically changing migration policy
11 September 2020, 10:36
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Poland will grow with the past, radically changing migration policy
The Polish authorities intend to facilitate the entry into this country of the descendants of the subjects of the state, which existed more than two centuries ago.

Analyst Pavel Vishnevsky, citing the online edition of Business Insider, reports that the world seems to be starting a serious struggle for skilled workers, as the great economist George Friedman warned about it.

For the time being, Russia is attracting unskilled workers from Central Asian migrants to the country by all means. Yes, this helps to somehow solve the demographic problem, as well as the problem of settling gigantic empty territories, since even according to the official Rosstat, the population decline in the country is catastrophic, which is confirmed by the data of July 2020

Mortality: 181.5 (+ 19.5% by 07.2019) thousand people - a record since 2010.

Birth rate: 130.7 (-7.1% to 07.2019) thousand people - this is the lowest value in July since 2006.

That is, only in the first 7 months of the year, the natural population decline exceeded the decline in the entire 2019.

But Western and Eastern Europe are taking a slightly different path, starting to attract mainly qualified personnel, moreover, close religion, language, mentality and appearance. For example, this is what Poland does, which accepts the largest number of legal migrants in the European Union from outside its borders. In addition, the Polish government is developing a law allowing the descendants of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth to return to their historical homeland, a state that disappeared from the map of Europe as early as 225 years ago, that is, when the leaders of Prussia, Austria and Russia made the final partition of Poland.

Legal residence in the country will be ensured under this law "to all descendants of the inhabitants of the First and Second Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, who declare their connection with Poland." Most likely, the proof of their right to this, that is, the cost of building a family tree, which now costs $ 700, will significantly increase, for example, in neighboring Ukraine and Belarus. But this measure will greatly improve the situation on the labor market, which is rapidly aging throughout Europe, including Poland.It is worth noting that territorially the Rzeczpospolita covered vast areas in the east, including modern Russian lands, including Smolensk and even else east.

Of course, the analyst believes that the governments of Belarus, Ukraine and Russia will oppose this reasonable step of the Polish authorities, which will allow avoiding a demographic and pension catastrophe, but it is unlikely that administrative prohibitions will be able to overcome the economic reasons for future migrants.