US losses caused by coronavirus outnumbered the losses in World War II
11 December 2020, 18:35
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In the United States, more people have died from the coronavirus than were killed on the battlefield of American soldiers during the Second World War.

According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, 291.5 thousand Americans died in the war in the middle of the last century, while, according to Johns Hopkins University, 291.7 thousand people have already died from a new coronavirus infection in the United States, writes Business Insider.

By the end of April, the “coronavirus war” had claimed the lives of more Americans than the Vietnam War. And by mid-May, the death toll from the coronavirus was higher than the death toll of American soldiers in all battles since 1945, the newspaper adds.

"To date, the death toll of COVID Americans has reached half of the total death toll during the Civil War - the bloodiest war in American history, during which about 620 thousand people died", - the newspaper writes.

Over the penultimate day from COVID in the United States, 3.1 thousand people died - this is more than during the September 11 attacks, when the death toll reached 2.9 thousand.

Since the beginning of the spread of the epidemic in the United States, the diagnosis has already been confirmed in 15.5 million people.