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Trump supporters use Telegram to prepare the rally on Biden's Inauguration Day
13 January 2021, 15:47
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Trump supporters use Telegram to prepare the rally on Biden's Inauguration Day
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Supporters of incumbent President Donald Trump use Telegram to call for violence against government officials on Joe Biden's inauguration day, January 20. It is reported by NBC News.

In particular, secret chats have been created in the messenger where users share knowledge on how to make and use homemade weapons and bombs. It also publishes materials on the superiority of the white race. In addition, after the attack on the Capitol, calls appeared on Telegram to “shoot politicians” and “encourage armed struggle”.

The largest Telegram channel of this kind has more than 28 thousand subscribers.

It is noted that the FBI is already aware of the situation. The department sent a memorandum to law enforcement agencies warning of possible armed protests in all 50 state capitals.

We will remind, on January 6, Trump supporters stormed the building of the US Congress, interrupting the meeting where they were supposed to approve the results of the presidential election, which was won by Biden. The accident killed five people. Charges were brought against 55 participants in the attack on the Capitol.

Earlier it was also reported that Telegram came in second in terms of the number of downloads in the United States after Trump's Twitter account was permanently blocked (due to the storming of the Capitol), and the social network Parler disappeared from the Apple and Google app stores.