“Offloaded the responsibility for the failure”: China responds to US coronavirus accusations
13 May , 15:34
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Photo: www.tellerreport.com
The Chinese government strongly protested a bill against the PRC introduced by the U.S. senators, which provides for the sanctions for the distribution of COVID-19.

This was stated by the official representative of the Chinese Foreign Ministry Zhao Lingjian (pictured).

- A bill introduced by some US senators absolutely neglects the facts, they want to start an investigation with the presumption of guilt in order to blame China for failure to fight the epidemic. It's impossible. We express a strong protest, - quotes the Chinese politician RIA Novosti.

We recall that earlier Senator Lindsey Graham introduced into the US Congress a bill on sanctions against China for the fact that Beijing refused to cooperate in identifying the causes of the pandemic. According to the document, US President Donald Trump will receive the right to impose sanctions in the event that Beijing does not provide a full report on the occurrence of an outbreak. The Chinese authorities must provide this data within 60 days. The bill was supported by eight Republican senators.

Earlier, Republican Rep. Jim Banks demanded an international investigation into China for damage caused by the coronavirus epidemic.

China has also been accusing the United States of introducing coronavirus into the country. Zhao Lingjian made such a statement, blaming the US military for distributing COVID-19.