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US confiscated Russian ventilation devices after a fire in a St. Petersburg hospital
13 May 2020, 15:43
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US confiscated Russian ventilation devices after a fire in a St. Petersburg hospital
Photo: авента.com
US authorities have decided to take out the Russian Aventa-M ventilators from the warehouses due to a fire in a St. Petersburg hospital. Until the causes of the fire are clarified, the devices will not be used.

- In early April, Russia sent a batch of medical equipment to the United States, including Avent-M mechanical ventilation devices. At that time, in New York and New Jersey, an acute shortage of ventilation devices was forecasted, so the devices were delivered to warehouses belonging to two states, the Reuters report from the US Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) reports.

The department said that Russian ventilation machines were not in demand in the United States, because the situation with the coronavirus had stabilized in the country, but nevertheless, they were left in reserve in case the situation in New York and New Jersey worsened.

- As a precaution, states will return fans to FEMA. The results of the investigation conducted by the Russian authorities in connection with the fire in St. Petersburg will help us decide on any future use of ventilation devices, the report said.

Earlier it was said that humanitarian cargo was delivered to New York from Moscow, including ventilation machines. At the same time, Russian officials said that the cargo mainly includes personal protective equipment - masks, gloves, etc. But in the picture taken during unloading the aircraft, the Russian Aventa-M were visible (cost 1.5 million rubles apiece).

However, humanitarian aid cannot be called - it was not free. The United States agreed to purchase drugs, including mechanical ventilation, the Department of State said.

Recall that in the intensive care unit of St. George’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, where patients with coronavirus infection were treated, a fire occurred, the cause of which was a faulty ventilator. The fire killed five people who were on mechanical ventilation.