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Pennsylvania court upholded a claim by Trump headquarters on counting the votes
13 November 2020, 10:07
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Pennsylvania court upholded a claim by Trump headquarters on counting the votes
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The Pennsylvania Court of Appeal satisfied the claim by Donald Trump's headquarters on the illegality of the counting of votes, which were sent by mail.

This is written by Philadelphia Inquirer.

These are controversial ballots on which voters did not indicate their details. According to state law, voters have the right to verify the authenticity of ballots within six days after the election - until November 9th. State Secretary of State Katie Primer extended the deadline until November 12.

“The court rules that Defendant Katie Primer, in her capacity as Secretary of State, did not have the authority to direct the District Election Commissions to change the deadline for the identification of certain voters”, - Mary Hannah Leavitt, a Republican Judge, ordered.

The publication called Trump's victory in court insignificant, because a small number of ballots were rejected. The votes were not included in the official tally, according to which Joe Biden is ahead of Trump by 54,000 votes.

At the same time, the head of the Wisconsin Election Commission, Megan Wolfe, said that her state is preparing for a possible recount, since the results differ slightly. A candidate can demand a recount if he concedes no more than 1% of the vote. Note that in Wisconsin, Biden wins back 20 thousand votes from Trump out of more than three million ballots submitted, RIA Novosti specifies.

Let us recall that Trump refuses to admit his defeat in the elections. In this he is supported by the chairman of the French party National Association Marine Le Pen and other European rightists.

He has repeatedly stated about the election manipulation that took place.