Ukrainians, Belarusians and Kazakhs asked the Russian Embassy to help them leave the United States
15 May , 12:09
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Citizens of Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan appealed to the Russian Embassy in Washington with a request to help them fly to Russia, said Ambassador Anatoly Antonov.

“Much remains to be done.” So, we receive requests from citizens of Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine to assist in traveling to the Russian Federation to reunite with their families, ”the diplomat answered Facebook questions.

Antonov also said that on May 14, 369 citizens flew to Moscow.

“We haven’t seen such a load on the plane yet, this is a kind of record for us,” said the ambassador.

He added that among the passengers on the flight were 40 people from the “humanitarian list” - Russians in difficult situations, undergoing medical treatment and rehabilitation in the United States, people with disabilities, and senior citizens.

In addition, another ten Russian schoolchildren flew out on this flight, leaving for the United States on an educational program and stuck in the country. Earlier it was reported that the Russian embassy managed to track down eight of them.

Recall that on March 27, in connection with the spread of coronavirus infection, Russia banned all scheduled and charter flights abroad. Exceptionally, flights are carried out that take Russians out of other countries, ambulance and postal flights, hauls of empty planes for maintenance, as well as flights operated by separate government decisions.