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The head of the WHO announced the beginning of the third wave of the global pandemic
15 July 2021, 09:58
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The head of the WHO announced the beginning of the third wave of the global pandemic
Despite the intensified vaccination, which is being carried out in many countries, the world has come to the cusp of the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic. It was announced by the Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO) Tedros Adhanom Geyureyesus (pictured).

- Last week was the fourth consecutive week that COVID-19 infections rise globally, with cases increasing in all but one WHO region. After ten weeks of decline, the death rate is also rising, Ghebreyesus said at the opening of a meeting of the WHO Emergency Committee to assess the situation with coronavirus in the world.

The head of WHO called the reason for the increase in new cases of the disease a delta strain, twice as infectious as the original version of COVID-19.

“It is fueled by increased social interaction and movement of people, as well as inconsistent use of proven social and public health measures,” Ghebreyesus added.

The head of the organization noted that in regions with high rates of vaccination, a decrease in infections and deaths from covid is recorded.

Today, 15 July, the committee is to issue updated guidance to WHO.

According to the organization, Russia is in fourth place in the world in terms of the increase in cases of infection. The most difficult situation is in the USA, India and Brazil. At the same time, according to the Johns Hopkins University, the Russian Federation is on the fifth line. Note that the WHO has included in the list for further monitoring the AT.1 coronavirus variant detected in the Russian Federation in January 2021.