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In Turkmenistan the state employees were forced to buy the new book of the president
16 September 2020, 14:04
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In Turkmenistan the state employees were forced to buy the new book of the president
Photo: kaktakto.com
The authorities of the eastern region of Turkmenistan, Lebap, are forcing state employees to purchase a new book wrote by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhammedov - the Principles of Turkmen Statehood.

According to radio Azatlyk, along with the demand to buy the publication, there is no book in regional stores, for example, in the Farap etrap. It can be purchased only in a few stores in the regional center. And the administrative center of the Lebap velayat - Turkmenabat is located 35 km from the regional center of Farap.

The release of the book became known on September 4. The event was reported on the state television of Turkmenistan. Now the book should be in every district house of culture.

“This week, the employees of the Dzhendi Village Council House of Culture in the Farap District had to look for a book somewhere”, - said an Azatlyk correspondent.

He noted that failure to comply with the requirement is regarded as equal to high treason.

The official price of the book has not yet been discussed. One of the employees of the local enterprise said that he bought the new book of the president for 60 manats - about $ 17.

Note that over the 11 years of his rule, Berdymukhammedov has published on his own behalf over six dozen books on public administration, international relations, medicinal plants, horse breeding and dog breeding.

Last year, high school students were required to acquire Berdymukhamedov's books. And not for themselves, but for the institutions in which they study. That is, it was necessary to buy it and then turn it over to the library.

"We instructed each of them to buy one book by President Berdymukhamedov. The teachers also drew up lists, which indicated which of the students will have to purchase this or that presidential book", - said the correspondent of radio Azalyk.

Then the average cost was equal to $ 12.

Note that at the beginning of 2020, officials and state employees of the Lepab region, who are over 40 years old, were ordered not to hide their gray hair in order to look like the president. He stopped dyeing his hair back in 2018, but after him this procedure was banned for officials.