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Director of Belarusian TV channel was fired for the broadcasting of the video on beatings at rallies
18 August 2020, 10:31
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Director of Belarusian TV channel was fired for the broadcasting of the video on beatings at rallies
Elshad Akberov, the head of the Zhodino TV channel (pictured), was fired after the violent crackdown on protests was broadcast. The video also showed the beating of the protesters by the security forces.

“Akberov was dismissed from the position of director because of the broadcast of a video with the violent dispersal of pickets and the opinion of foreign political scientists about the situation in Belarus”, - Interfax quotes the minutes of the general meeting of participants of Television Zhodinsky TV Channel LLC.

According to the text of the minutes, the meeting was attended by two people who are holders of the authorized capital of the LLC. They decided by unanimous decision to remove Akberov from work, and also to stop broadcasting the channel and all social networks on behalf of Television Zhodinsky TV Channel LLC.

Recall that the head of the Zhodino regional executive committee Dmitry Zabolotsky, after the threat of a strike at the BelAZ plant, met on Thursday with employees of the enterprise and townspeople. The results of the meeting did not satisfy the audience. Protests continued in the city. A number of demands made by the protesters included the withdrawal of riot police and other "people in uniform" from the city. The mayor explained to the citizens that the security forces are called upon to exclusively guard the pre-trial detention center, which is located at the city prison. However, the strike at BelAZ began precisely after riot police began using buses produced at the plant to detain protesters against the results of the election of the president of the republic.

- In front of my eyes a man was detained who was just walking in the park. We want to walk calmly around the city, not to be afraid for ourselves and our children, - said one of the workers - participants of the rally.

Note that the employees of the Belarusian TV channels went on strike. It was reported that on Saturday, August 15, a "conspiracy" was uncovered in the leadership of the Belarusian TV and Radio Company.

“They said that part of the BT leadership in internal chats had allegedly agreed to air programs about atrocities and torture against opponents of Alexander Lukashenko”, - the Belarusian Association of Journalists told NI.

The rally, which took place under the shouts of "Shame!", Was attended by personnel from the armored personnel carrier, including the popular presenter Svetlana Borovskaya.

It should be noted that the head of the presidential pool of journalists at the National Television of Belarus, Dmitry Semchenko, resigned at his own request - he had 11 years of impeccable work behind him. All in all, on August 16, it was known about 15 resigned employees of state television and radio.