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In France, a manager took his wife hostage and killed her
18 December 2020, 09:30
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In France, a manager took his wife hostage and killed her
A resident of the French municipality of Domont, department of val-d'Oise, took three people hostage, including his wife. He held all three for over three hours, then killed his wife. Two other hostages were injured. The invader himself was killed. The family has three daughters.

This is reported by the newspaper Le Parisien. According to the newspaper, 58-year-old Dominic G. was locked in the office of a landscaping company in which he worked as a manager. In addition to him, his 44-year-old wife and two employees of the organization were in the same room. The invader had a weapon with him.

According to the newspaper's sources, the Frenchman had previously been convicted three times for domestic violence, and over the past two years he had a divorce proceedings. The police ruled out the version of a terrorist attack, saying that it was a domestic quarrel.

At the scene, employees of the GIGN special operations unit were working. For three hours, law enforcement officers negotiated with the criminal, convincing him to surrender to the authorities.

The negotiations were unsuccessful. As a result, the police found both spouses dead. Employees of the company, who were also held hostage, were taken to the hospital with minor injuries.