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Sweden announced its readiness to strike at Russian military bases
18 December 2020, 14:54
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Sweden announced its readiness to strike at Russian military bases
Swedish television announced that the country's army is ready to strike at Russian military bases with long-range missiles. Experts do not understand what could be the reason for such a manifestation of an aggressive attitude.

"The number of submarines in the country's Navy has been increased from four to five. Today's seven corvettes are retained, but two have been modified and two have been replaced. The ships are also being upgraded with a robotic air defense system. The west coast will have its own airborne battalion for protection. In the future, the Air Force will have 80-100 combat aircraft, both the old model Gripen C / D and 60 new model E. The aircraft must also be equipped with long-range missiles to engage ground targets. Such a long-range weapon makes it possible to strike at bases in Russia", - SVT reports.

At the same time, experts note that over the past hundred years, Sweden practically did not participate in military conflicts, and its defense industry is at a rather low level. At the same time, experts assure that any provocation from Sweden will immediately receive an answer about Russia.

"Russia has air defense systems capable of shooting down Swedish aircraft over the territory of their own country. It is not clear where Stockholm got such aggression, but it is obvious that this was done against the background of the indignation of the citizens of Sweden about the insufficient funding of the country's armed forces - politicians simply solve defense problems through propaganda, nothing more", - quotes the expert opinion from Avia.pro.