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About a hundred Russians stuck in Iran due to aircraft failure
20 September, 14:42
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About a hundred Russians stuck in Iran due to aircraft failure
About a hundred Russian citizens cannot fly out of Tehran due to a malfunction of the aircraft, they will all be accommodated in Rexan and Remis hotels, said Zarina Doguzova, head of the Federal Tourism Agency, they will be placed in hotels.

Doguzova did not specify in which direction the flight was heading. It is known that we are talking about the plane of the Venezuelan company Conviasa.

The Russians were issued a temporary permit to enter Iran. Doguzova assured that her compatriots would be provided with everything necessary. They will be issued full-fledged visas “for a comfortable stay in Iran while waiting for departure.” It has not yet been specified how long the wait will last. Assistance to passengers stuck in Tehran is provided by the Intourist tour operator, Doguzova keeps the situation “under personal control”.

Recall that more than four hundred Russian tourists could not fly home from Egyptian Sharm El Sheikh due to the fact that the plane of the RedWing airline, which was supposed to pick them up, broke down. Neither the tour operator nor the carrier provided passengers with any documents about the cancellation of the flight.