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Gas supplies to Germany via Nord Stream restored after repair
21 July, 15:23
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Gas supplies to Germany via Nord Stream restored after repair
Photo: Медиахолдинг1Mi
Gazprom has resumed gas supplies to Germany via Nord Stream after a scheduled overhaul, which lasted from July 11.

According to Forbes , citing data from the German Federal Grid Agency, the pipeline is now operating at about 30% capacity.

“Earlier, Putin warned that Russia would supply gas to a limited extent if it did not receive back the repaired turbines,” the report said.

Earlier it was reported that since mid-June, Gazprom has sharply reduced the flow of gas through the pipeline to Germany. The reduction reached 60%. As the reason for the incident, Gazprom cited the actions of Siemens, which refused to return the gas compressor units for the compressor station in a timely manner after a scheduled repair in Canada. The delay was explained by the action of sanctions.

After the appeal of the German authorities, who asked representatives of Canada to return the turbine, a positive decision was made to return it, despite the sanctions. The need for the return of German authorities was explained by the requirement to fill gas storage facilities on the eve of the start of the heating season.

The turbine was loaded onto a plane on July 17 and sent to Germany. It is expected that in a week the equipment will arrive in Russia, and after the completion of commissioning, gas pumping will be restored in the required volume.