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Repeated elections to the Kyrgyz parliament will be held on December 20
21 October 2020, 09:14
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Repeated elections to the Kyrgyz parliament will be held on December 20
Photo: eurasianet.org
The Central Election Commission of Kyrgyzstan has decided on the date of the repeated elections to the parliament of the republic. According to a representative of the Central Commission for Elections and Referenda, they will take place on December 20. The results of the first vote were canceled amid massive protests.

“The Central Election Commission unanimously approved December 20 as the date of the new elections”, - a representative of the commission told RIA Novosti.

Preparations for the upcoming voting will begin on October 21.

Note that the protests that began after the announcement of the results of the parliamentary elections forced the CEC to cancel the voting results. Rallies and riots began in the republic on October 5, and the very next day the election results were canceled. At the same time, the mayor of Bishkek, Aziz Surakmatov, filed a letter of resignation of his own free will amid popular unrest. This happened after about 30 supporters of opposition parties broke into the city hall at night.

To date, protests in Bishkek have stopped.

Let us also remind that the elections of the head of Kyrgyzstan, according to the information of the acting Prime Minister of the Republic Sadyr Japarov, will take place until January 10, 2021.