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In Belarus, in the midst of a pandemic, the mask regime was canceled
22 October 2021, 12:50
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In Belarus, in the midst of a pandemic, the mask regime was canceled
Photo: openmedia.io
The Ministry of Health of Belarus canceled the mandatory mask regime introduced in the republic on October 9. This happened after the masks were criticized by the country's President Alexander Lukashenko.

The abolition of the mandatory mask regime in public places in Belarus took place on October 20.

As noted by Interfax, on this day on the national legal Internet portal published the decree of the Ministry of Health No. 111, from which the clause on the mandatory mask regime was excluded.

The Ministry of Health indicated that the requirement for "the obligatory use of personal protective equipment by individuals when visiting objects, organizations, automobile, except for personal cars, air, water, railway transport, including the subway", - was excluded.

Lukashenka criticized the introduction of a total mask regime on the eve of October 19. He stated that it is impossible to force people to wear masks and force them to maintain social distance.

“I spoke about masks, protective equipment, any distance and vaccination. Take this to strict execution. No pressure on people", - Lukashenko said.

Meanwhile, the covid pandemic in Belarus continues to spread rapidly.

Due to the danger of a collapse of the medical system in the country, on October 18, the Ministry of Health of Belarus decided to suspend the provision of routine medical care to patients due to the worsening situation with coronavirus.

All types of routine medical care, including dental, were banned. Stopped rehabilitation, screenings, medical examination and physiotherapy. The Ministry of Health signed an order that temporarily suspended the provision of routine medical care in outpatient health care organizations.

This happened after the incidence rate of covid in the republic reached 1,956 cases per day, and since the beginning of the pandemic, 573,943 have been infected and 4,417 patients with coronavirus have died.